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Microphone Comica lavalier CVM-SIG.LAV V05 multi function cài áo

759.000 VNđ 699.000 VNđ
Hình thứcmới 100% chính hãng BH 6 tháng
Thương hiệuCommlite - Comica
  • Micro Comica lavalier CVM-SIG.LAV V05 multi function cài áo
  • -thiết bị chuyên nghiệp dùng trong việc thu âm từ các thiết bị máy ảnh , smartphone, ipad, laptop
  • -ngoài chức năng chính là 1 microphone cài áo, thiết bị có bộ vi xử lý tặng giảm âm (GAIN)
  • -có hỗ trợ chức năng nghe trực tiếp (real-time monitor) qua tai nghe
  • -có đèn báo tình trạng pin, công tắc chuyển đổi giữa các thiết bị 
  • -khi dùng smartphone, quý khách nên chuyển sang chế độ air plane để sóng điện thoại không ảnh hưởng âm thanh
  • -khi dùng thiết bị Iphone 7 trở lên, phải dùng các dây đổi lightning sang 3.5mm chính hãng
  • Sensitivity: -35dB ±2dB
  • Battery: CR2032 3V
  • Gain Range: Maximum increase -10dB
  • Frequency Response: 60Hz - 18kHz
  • S/N: >65dB
  • Max SPL: 100dB
  • Storage Temperature: -20℃ ~ +60℃
  • Working Temperature:0℃ ~ +50℃
  • 【Note before use】To avoid any interference, please make sure WIFI of your phone is set off, and the best condition is ‘Flight Mode’. For the ANDROID smartphone, While in video mode, It requires to use the 3rd party video Apps. And for iPhone 7 or up, please use the original lightening cable adapter.
  • 【Universal Compability】The CVM- SIG.V05 lapel microphone can be used on your cameras and smartphones. Just switch the mode you want on the microphone body.
  • 【Super-long Standby Time】Equipped with CR2032 3V lithium battery, standby time up to 40hrs. Please remove the battery insulating sheet before using it.
  • 【Real-time Audio Monitoring 】With the real-time monitoring function, you can test whether it is working normally during recording. This lapel mic brings you more professional and convenient recording experience.
  • 【Stepless Sensitivity adjustment】There is a Gain Controlling wheel next to the power switch. You can dial the wheel to an appropriate position while recording
  • The Comica CVM-SIG.LAV V05 Lavalier Lapel Microphone has powerful functions such as real-time monitoring, LED work indicator, flexible back clip,and Stepless adjustable sensitivity. It helps to record wonderful sound when interviewing, live broadcasting on Podcast, calling with Skype, Teaching, Audio/Video Recording on YouTube and so on

    Universal for Camera&Phone

    This Comica CVM-SIG.LAV V05 Lapel Omnidirectional Microphone, designed for vocal or video use, provides clear and accurate voice recording experience to the user,which is significantly better than majority of the built in microphones, making it ideal for all sorts of recording; indoors and outdoors. As a professional journalist, a specialized portable microphone is required. This hands free microphone allows you to hold your manuscripts or do anything easily while recording your voice clearly.

  • LED Work Indicator Light


  • When the power of the battery is low, the indicator light turns red, and the battery should be replaced. When not in use, please move the switch to OFF, turn off the machine.
  • When used with camera, move the switch to camera, the indicator light turns green;
  • When used with smartphone, move the switch to smartphone, the indicator light turns green.
  •  v

You can use a the Comica CVM-SIG.LAV V05 Lavalier Lapel Microphone for recording on smartphones/cameras/tablet/laptop, etc. Suitable for recordings, calling with Skype,Teaching, interviews and other occasions, a variety of shooting options.

Strong shielding and anti-noise mic

This is a strengthful and powerful multi-function single lavalier microphone which is made of Silica-gel Cable Materia and full metal mic.Stronger anti-interference function.

  • The product is compatible with IOS and Andriod systems.When used with Iphone 7 and other new version Iphones with Lightning jack,the original audio cable adapter (3.5mm-Lightning) is needed.
  • While the microphone is used for IOS system phones, it supports both Iphone original audio recording mode and video recording mode
  • While the microphone is used for IOS system phones, it supports both Iphone original audio recording mode and video recording mode. (such as Lexiu, Meipai, Xiaoying, etc.)
  • While used for smartphone, please set the smartphone to fly mode to avoid any interference
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