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Dây đeo cổ tay quick strap JJC đen

100.000 VNđ
Khuyến mãi đến: 23:19 31/05/2016
Hình thứcmới 100%
Thương hiệuJJC Kiwi

JJC ST-1 Wrist Strap is designed to keep your camera comfortably secure while you hold it. The wrist strap is excellent in workmanship and features a fashionable and elegant appearance. JJC ST-1 consists of two parts - a neoprene strap and a separate polyester fiber loop, and is designed with detaching function. The two parts are connected by a quick-release clip. The high quality neoprene part is very durable. In addition, the superior thick material of the wrist loop gives you a comfortable finger touch and makes it much stabler to hold your camera with only one hand. The quick-release clip is made of ABS plastic. It is very solid and durable. To use the product helps you relieve your hand fatigue when you shoot for a long time. It eases the burden. JJC ST-1 Wrist Strap works for anyone with a wrist circumference less than 22 cm. With the Wrist Strap, you will have more fun taking photos. 


Product highlights:

Has a fashionable and elegant appearance

The neoprene material feels comfortable and durable

Quick-release clip for easy detachment

Suitable for people with a wrist circumference less than 22 cm



Material: Neoprene, polyester fiber, ABS plastic             

Weight: 26g                                              

Max Length: 28.5cm

Thickness of Neoprene Part: 0.5cm

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