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261 Hồng Bàng, Phường 11, Quận 5, TP. HCM
Hotline: 0944320120 - 0962503804

Follow focus Sevenoak SK-F1X

  • Hình thức: mới 100% chính hãng
  • Thương hiệu: Sevenoak
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    SK-F1X Follow Focus  is a simple but useful follow focus built out of anodized aluminum construction. It is designed to attach to a single bar of the 15mm support system, which has several advantages. While changing lenses, you can simply release one knob with a simple twist and hinge the Follow Focus unit aside to access the lens without any obstruction. If the new lens has a different diameter, SK-F1X Follow Focus can be easily hinged in place to accommodate the new diameter of the lens with a one hand operation. Also, when the gear is not at the same distance, the unit can be shifted forward or backwards. SK-F1X also features a height adjustable and exchangeable drive gear, so you can also adjust the height of the gear according to the height of the lens/camera, and you can also have the wheel spin whichever direction you prefer for pulling focus. The entire setup can be mounted either to the left or right of a lens depending on your needs/preference.


      Height adjustable and exchangeable drive gear

      Flexible and adjustable single locking system

      Mounts onto a single 15mm rod support system

      Durable aluminum construction

      Removable magnetic marking disc

      Can be mounted on either side of the lens

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