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261 Hồng Bàng, Phường 11, Quận 5, TP. HCM
Hotline: 0944320120 - 0962503804

Lens 7ARTISANS 35mm F2 for Leica M (LM)

Tiết kiệm: 5% (5.990.000)
  • Hình thức: mới 100% chính hãng BH 12 tháng
  • Khuyến mãi: tặng hood Leica
  • Thương hiệu: 7artisans
  • Số lượng
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    • Lens có sự "học hỏi" rất tốt từ dòng Leica M 35mm F2 Summicron-M, cho chất lượng ảnh đánh giá từ giới chuyên môn là rất tốt trong tầm giá dễ chịu
    • Kết hợp tốt với ngàm TECHART để có thể AF trên dòng máy Sony E mount
    • Dòng ống kính  Full Frame, lấy nét bằng tay MF.
    • Ngàm tiêu chuẩn cho máy Leica M, tương thích được cái máy khác qua mount chuyển
    • Tiêu cự cố định 35mm (ảnh đường phố, chân dung trong nhà, phong cảnh).
    • Khẩu độ: F/2 - F/16
    • Số lá khẩu: 10
    • Góc nhìn: 63 độ
    • Có 07 thấu kính trong 05 nhóm
    • Khoảng cách lấy nét gần nhất: 35cm
    • Đường kính Filter: 43mm
    • This classic 35mm focal length is most suitable for taking pictures of people, street life, and landscapes. Shooting great moments involves more thinking and requires closer attention to composition. With a manual lens, you can really slow down to think more and take better pictures.

    Group of Chinese camera enthusiasts gathered together for a dinner in Summer 2015. They were discussing their passions over the dinner table. Some were interested in optical design, while others were more skilled at running factory production lines, and one was an avid Leica lens collector. Everyone participated came to same conclusion; “If we involve our skills and work together, we can create new original camera lenses.” That is how 7Artisans Project began.


    At the early stages, many different people joined the project gradually forming the initial team. It expected to be long journey to reach their dream. That story began with testing prototypes and identifying problems, improving the design as well as streamlining assembly and identifying further issues. We used the opportunities to fix problems as a way of further improvement of our ideas. Try and error cycles never stopped.


    Years passed since our initial prototype. By September 2016 we reached a total of 100 mass production unit samples of the 50mm f/1.1 lens. We originally started with many members, but part of them left the project due to long product development cycle. By the time production completed only 7 members remained.


    And now each production packaging of the 50mm f/1.1 lens says, “7Artisans (Chinese: Seven Craftsmen)”. This is in honour of the members who believed in the project from the beginning and embodied the spirit of "Craftsmen". For this confidence and determination, we are named 7Artisans.

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