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261 Hồng Bàng, Phường 11, Quận 5, TP. HCM
Hotline: 0944320120 - 0962503804

Tripod K&F concept S210 KF09.087V4 (ultra high 200cm)

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    Tripod K&F Concept KF09.087V4  S210 (siêu cao tới 200 cm)

    -Cao 2m

    -Thu Gọn 50cm

    -Chụp Góc Ngang Top Shot 

    -Chịu Tải 10kg

    -Cân Nặng 1,5 kg

    -Ballhead 360 Độ Siêu Chắc

    -Tháo Rời Monopod

    -Khóa bật (Flipper)

    -Kèm Túi Đựng Chuyên Dụng

    • • 【K&F Concept Brand New Design & Patented】Center column horizontal: The 90-degree central pillar system can not only extend vertically but also move horizontally, which provides you with amazing possibilities during shooting, especially for products and macro photography.
    • • 【22lbs Load Capacity & Strong Stability】 K&F Concept camera tripod has a large capacity of up to 22lbs, which is enabled by its large 23mm leg tube, provide security and stability support for your DSLR Canon Nikon Sony cameras, etc.
    • • 【Multi-Angle Shooting】 Center Column of the camera tripod can be inverted for low-angle shooting; The damping system of the ball head would set your camera at different angles easily(vertical shots or up-side shots) or and get the best shooting view, for panoramic shooting and macro photography.
    • • 【Wide Height Ranges】 The camera tripod can be adjusted from 19.7" to 91" in a few seconds. For detachable monopod, it can extend to 84.5", which is very stable and flexible, for various photographic conditions.
    • • 【Quick Foot Quick Locking System】With a quick flip locking system, foot legs can be loosened or tightened by one hand. The screw buckle is wrapped in soft rubber to provide a comfortable feel and an anti-slip effect.

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