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Tripod smart mini with monopod Mefoto MK10 benro

399.000 VNđ
Hình thứcnew 100% BH 06 tháng
Thương hiệuBenro

Multi-Angle shoot ,900vertical shooting availaible,fit for smart phone and Gopro.
Tabletop tripod,ground top tripod and selfie stick funtion.
Height ranging from 180mm to 850mm.
Compatitive system:above IOS 5.0 and Android 4.2
Bluetooth version:3.0
Effective distance:about 10m visual distance
Remote Control Operation
-Turn on power with LED light twinkling.Bluetooth named MEFOTO can be searched.LED light will be off after successful match.
-Unique memory feature.Once matched ,it will be connected automatically next time.
-Sleeping mode will be suspended to save power if non-use status keeps over 5 minutes.Press any key to activiate.
-APP Camera 360 is compatitive with our device if smart phone cannot be connect.

Recharge of Remote Control
This product designed with charge-discharge management circuit to ensure its safety.
LED light is red when charging,and turns to be blue while fully charged.Pls use 4.2V 350mA charge.
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