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Tripod Weifeng WT-3540

399.000 VNđ
Hình thứcmới 100% chính hãng BH 6 tháng



Tripod rất chắc chắn , kết cấu hợp kim nhôm nhẹ nhưng vẫn cho sức chịu tải tốt, phù hợp các bạn du lịch,đi phượt..

Phù hợp tất cả máy ảnh, máy quay, máy chiếu, kẹp điện thoại....

độ cao tối đa: 1600 mm

độ cao tối thiểu : 610  mm

độ to chân : 25 x 20.5 mm

trọng lượng: 1280g

xoay đầu tripod: 3 cách xoay, 360 độ

chịu lực 3KG

số đoạn: 3 đoạn

thiết bị tháo lắp nhanh thông minh: có

chân tiếp đất: cao su chống trượt

tính năng khác: tay quay, đế tháo rời, mức nước đo cân bằng



 Giới thiệu công ty:

Weifeng (WF) is a well established manufacturer and exporter for full range of camera tripods, camera bags and light stands. And now, WF has established exclusive sales agents in every province in China, which helps to occupy a large sales ratio in the domestic market, especially its light weight tripods, with high cost performance, it has occupies a sales volume total 70%

The company was established in 1993 with the name of Ningbo Weifeng Electrical Industry Co., Ltd. After years of effort, now it has grown up into a large group company. At present, it has covered an area of 71,000 square meters, over 1800 employees, 100 technical staff and thousands of products. Moreover, it has an annual output of 6 million camera tripods.

·In 1993, jointly ventured with Hong Kong BaiJun Industry co., Ltd. Ningbo Weifeng Electrical Industry co., Ltd. was established, specialized in research and manufacture of light weight tripods.
·In 2000, we registered as Ningbo Weifeng Photographic Equipment Co., Ltd. with new factory buildings covering an area of 10,000 m2.. The latest professional tripod with its design novelty and technological advance wins warm praises from customers.
·In 2002, Ningbo Fancier Image Supplies was established. 
We expanded the range of articles both in completion and quality, and obtained a series of patents in design and function. All had passed the system of ISO9001:2000 quality management certification and the system of ISO 14001:1996 environment management certification.
In 2003, Ningbo Weifeng Photographic Bag & Case Corporation specialized in design, manufacture and marketing of photographic bags and case.
Ningbo Europe-styled Handicraft Co., Ltd. was established specialized in photo album, aluminum-alloyed case. patent was obtained and series of new products were developed thereafter including Jib arm, FS9115 magnesium & carbon fibre tripod and FT9911 camera video tripod. All of them are in the leading position in China.
·In 2004, 40,000 m2 factory was built for manufacture expansion.
·In 2005, Ningbo Yaofeng Metal Product Co., Ltd., based on the former Ningbo Weifeng Photographic Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in Aluminum-alloyed Series 2 & 8. We also offer high quality aluminum for industry and construction.

·In 2005, with an annual output of 5,000,000 tripod, we became the largest manufacture base of tripod throughout the world.

·In 2006, we passed ISO 14001:2004 environmental management certification, and established Ningbo Weifeng mage Equipment Group Co., Ltd.

At the same year  , Eimage Studio Equipment Co.,Ltd.is established .It is a brand new  products which specializing in providing Fluid video heads and Professional video tripods with the growing demands of the video and broadcasting market·

In 2007, new multifunctional buildings were completed.

.In 2008, Fancier brand sales department established, beginning the brand promotion strategy.

.In 2009, developed many high-quality professional tripods like WF-53 series, WF-57 series and WF-59series, and were popular with customers.

.In 2011, Hongkong Nest Technology CO.,LTD is established in Hongkong. The company is specializing in gimbal head,bird watching head ,processional camera tripods ,bags and accessories and sales team are still located in Weifeng Group .

At the same year, our WF brand is honored as the famous brand of Zhejiang Province.

.In 2012,”Transformation and upgrading, optimizing the industrial structure,innovative management, institutional innovations” come up as our future development object . Actually, the efforts we are doing these years are just stepping toward this object .


Tenet of enterprise: "customer-oriented, rigorous honesty;

Enterprise competitive view: exceed the demand, lead the trend. Sustainable and enterprising, innovative

Enterprise talent conception: strongly believe and enforce that talent resources are the first resource in the business strategies.

The enterprise developing view: transformation and upgrading, optimization of industrial structure, innovative management, institutional innovations.


Shopnhiepanh chuyên cung cấp các loại tripod máy ảnh chính hãng, giá tốt nhất. 

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