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Led Macro arm light JJC Led-2DII

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    Led macro nhỏ gọn tiện dụng JJC LED-2DII
    -thế hệ thứ 2 cải tiến hơn so với thế đầu về chế độ sáng và cường độ sáng
    -5 chế độ sáng
    -cường mỗi  tay arm là 22cm 
    -dùng pin đồng hồ thông dụng
    -tay cầm bằng thép dẻo uốn đa năng
    -nhiệt độ màu 5600K CRI 95+
    -tuổi thọ đèn 50.000 giờ`
    The JJC LED-2DII Macro Arm Light adopts heat-free technology and consists of 2 LED lights, which is specially designed for close-up or macro photography. The flexible arms can be adjusted and bent easily to shed light where you want it. Each LED light can work independently or cooperate with each other, thus providing 5 illumination options to meet the needs of different brightness. The color temperature of the light is 5600K, which fits shooting insects, plants, jewelry, garage kit, etc. The light features long service life up to 50,000 hours. It is also eco-friendly, compact, and durable. Additionally, the cold shoe mount design on the bottom allows you to mount this light on to a camera hot shoe for use. The JJC LED-2DII is powered by 2 CR2025 batteries.
    Product Highlights
    Dual heat-free LED lights for better macro photos
    Interlocking armed cable allows you to adjust the angle of fill light freely
    The switches on both sides of the battery compartment enable 5 illumination options
    Provides a shoe adapter for mounting on a camera hot shoe
    Includes 4 CR2025 batteries
    Package Includes
    Macro Arm Light x 1
    CR2025 Battery x 4
    Weight: approx. 51.5g
    Dimension: 100.9 x 124.3 x 21.7mm / 4.0 x 4.9 x 0.9"
    Power Source: 2 CR2025 batteries, 3V
    Power: 0.12W
    Brightness: 5 levels
    Color Temperature: 5600K
    Color Rendering Index (CRI): 95+
    Max. Length of the Flexible Arm: 23cm / 9.1"
    5 Illumination Options