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261 Hồng Bàng, Phường 11, Quận 5, TP. HCM
Hotline: 0944320120 - 0962503804

Monitor Desview R7II siêu sáng 2600nits touch 4K 3D Lut HDR 7in (Bestview)

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    7" Full HD Touch-Screen IPS Panel
    • Contrasted to the traditional button control system, the Desview R72 monitor’s touchable screen panel
    allows users to adjust setting parameters with one finger. Get a quick glance at the OSD menu settings
    and features with an easy tap on the screen. Made by OCR full screen narrow edging with high strength,
    scratch-resistant, impact-resistant.
    2600nits Daylight Viewable Brightness
    • Desview R72 monitor has a stunning 2600nit Brightness, photographers can see images clearly in daylight,
    greatly convenient for outdoor shooting. The high Contrast ratio of 1100:1 and 1920*1200 Resolution makes
    the monitor deliver sharp images with more visible details in shadows and highlights.
    Support 4K HDMI Input/Output without Delay
    • Supporting virtually all 4K formats, the Desview R72 monitor can be connected directly to any DSLR or HD/4K
    video camera, and output HDMI signals without transmission delay. You can watch the footage synchronously
    on our monitor.
    3D-LUT, Waveform, and Vector Scope
    • Desview R72 monitor is equipped with many professional software features, such as 3D-LUT, Waveform
    (monitoring color saturation), and Vector Scope(monitoring signal amplitude). 3D-LUT tools for professional
    color grading make color calibration easier and more intuitive. A U disk is available for general software
    upgrade and loading up to 28 groups of LUT files.


    • Full HD 1920x1200 Resolution and 178° Viewing angle
    • Touch Screen Panel for Easy to Operate
    • 2600nit Daylight Viewable Brightness
    • Support 4K HDMI Input and Output without Delay
    • Supports NP-F Series Batteries Power Supply
    • Professional Monitoring Features: Brightness/RGB Histogram, Luminance/RGB Waveform, Vectorscope,
    • All Wave, HDR, Peaking, False Color, etc.
    • Supports Custom 3D LUTs
    • Charge for Camera in Real-Time

    Monitor Desview R7II  4K 3D Lut HDR

    siêu phẩm màn hình mới đánh bật mọi đối thủ cùng phân khúc

    thương hiệu Desview (Bestview) là thuộc dòng top đỉnh những màn hình bán chạy nhất và nổi tiếng nhất trong  lĩnh vực hình ảnh tại thị trường china

    cảm ứng Touch siêu nhạy

    màn hình 7 in

    3D LUT cao cấp update qua USB cực tiện dụng (Tiện hơn dùng thẻ SD)

    HDR High Dynamic Range xịn sò

    siêu sáng  322PPI  2600nits

    hỗ trợ pin F series  2 khe

    góc nhìn siêu rộng 178 độ

    4K HDMI in out

    nhiều chế độ xem màu hiệu chỉnh đa năng False color/Focus/WFM/Scopes

    trọng lượng  380gram (không gồm pin)


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